Watch [EC-FTU] FTM 2014 Finalist: No.03 - Nguyễn Khánh Việt on ECTV!

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Front the Most 2014 – The Final Night

Last Sartuday, 31st May 2014, Thanh Xuan hall seemed to be blown away with FRONT THE MOST 2014 – THE FINALE: THIS IS IT! Over 800 guests have shown up ...

Front The Most 2014 – Round 2 Result!

Cut, do it again! Wrong, say the right name! Change the camera… These were the director’s instructions in Front The Most 2014’s ROUND 2 Cam it! which just took place ...

FRONT THE MOST 2014 – The Finale: THIS IS IT!

OUR SHOW! Finally, the biggest night of EC’s annual English MC contest has arrived and is now ready to welcome all lovely friends. Time: 6.30 PM, Saturday, May 31st Venue: ...

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