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2014 EC RECRUITMENT – List of candidates in Round 2: Writing (UPDATED) new!

ROUND 2: WRITING ——– Date: Monday, September 15th 2014 Venue: RES English Center, 71 Chùa Láng Str. Make sure to arrive 10 minutes earlier to check in!   SHIFT 1: ...

2014 EC RECRUITMENT – List of candidates in Round 2: Writing & iTest

ĐDear beloved candidates, The last few days have been so busy for our EC bees since we have received so many Application Forms from you guys. We were deeply impressed ...

2014 EC RECRUITMENT – Just Bee It!

WHY SHOULD I BEE AN EC-ER? Because you are tired of receiving negative comments, rather than supportive, every time your new ideas are raised. Because you are sick of remaining ...

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