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BEEPRO 2012 – The Final Night \:D/

Sunday, May 20th, at Thanh Xuan Hall, the Finale of the English debate contest, BeePro 2012 has successfully taken place with an audience of over eight hundred.

BEEPRO 2012 • Topic 2

The second topic for the 3rd part of BEEPRO 2012 The Finale – “Turn The World Around” “A pilot program to teach natural science subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology ...

BEEPRO 2012 • Topic 1

The first topic for the 3rd part of BEEPRO 2012 The Finale – “Turn The World Around” “In early December 2011, the news that the US Las Vegas Sands plans ...

BEEPRO 2012 • Title Sequence

BEEPRO 2012 – The Finale >> The English Debate Contest << >> The annual, biggest and most-wanted event of English Club – FTU << This year, it’s all about…. GLOBALIZATION

BEEPRO 2012 • Diary

Let’s take a look at the second qualification round of BEEPRO 2012 – Know Your Role.

BEEPRO 2012 – The Finale

Overcoming more than 100 other teams, 5 best teams from NEU, FLSS, FTU, ULIS and HANU have SURVIVED to THE FINAL NIGHT which will be held at 19.00 May 20, ...

BeePro 2012 – The Finalists

After the very fierce battles in Round 2 – Know your role, just 5 out of 22 teams were proceeded to go to the Finale of BeePro 2012!!!
Who are ...

BEEPRO 2012 • Round 2 • Know Your Role Rules

Based on the standard format of Cross Examination Debate Association, BEEPRO 2012′s Round 2 – Know Your Role is promised to give contestants a brand-new experience! Before entering the race, ...

BeePro 2012 – Round I Results

Summer has come to town with the burning heat that can make our heads explode. But here in BeePro, the heat is even higher. It is 15 days since we ...

BeePro 2012 – Deadline extended!

New deadline, and at the same time – the FINAL deadline is 13:00, May 3rd
This is your last chance to participate in BeePro 2012 – Don’t miss it!

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